The Home Shoppe Hawaii Brand

Side Note…
    The pineapple was originally native to South America, but was “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean and brought to Europe in 1493. As the pineapple was nearly impossible to grow in Europe, even with a hothouse, it was rarely available and, therefore, coveted as delicacy only for royalty, the ultimate luxury.
    Over in America, in the Southern colonies, the pineapple was also largely unavailable and was considered a special treat usually only reserved for those of wealth or status. Historical accounts state that pineapples were used in elaborate displays, when entertaining, and adorned the outside of homes as a symbol of safe return from dangerous journeys and were symbolic welcome to visitors.
    In the early 1930s commerical production of pineapples began in the tropical states of Hawaii and Florida. Hawaii soon grew into one of the world’s largest growers of pineapple.
    The pineapple now adorns homes, as architectural elements, and in decorative items around the world. It evolved into an international symbol hospitality and friendship, signifying the warmth, charm, welcome, good cheer, and family affection inherent to gracious homes and gatherings. In Hawaii, it further is representative of Aloha, the unique message of love and welcome we have here, in the islands.

Home Shoppe Hawaii put a lot of thought and work into establishing its brand identity. We wanted a brand that would represent an “Old Hawaii” feel … a sense of graciousness and style, without being stuffy or pretentious. This would include some of our core values of hard work, quality, authenticity, and tradition.  The brand would have to be appropriate for use with properties at all price points, but still uniquely luxurious, in an understated way, to accentuate our luxury real estate listings.


We looked to the logo for the symbolism of what our brokerage represents: the ultimate in customer service, quality, graciousness, and also, hospitality.   We help our clients achieve their dreams …  the ultimate Hawaiian lifestyle. So the pineapple, it was.  A symbol, not only of luxury and hospitality, but also of Hawaii.

The logo had to be special, not machine produced or slick and trendy, but handcrafted and unique, no short cuts … like a luxury home, like a gracious lanai, like a hammock between the palms … not fancy or flourishy, just simple and genuine, solid and timeless. The logo was, in fact, mostly hand-drawn and has the look of an ink-block design.

And we wanted to also incorporate something Asian in the design, representative of so much of our population here. To achieve this, we used a calligraphic lettering style with strokes, like the strokes in Asian letters, for the Home Shoppe Hawaii name. Principal Broker, Yvonne Ahearn initially developed the logo, and finalized it with the assistance of Agency 26, a Los Angeles Area graphic design firm.


The brokerage name encompasses all of the Hawaiian Islands by using “Hawaii,” instead of “Oahu,” or the name of another region or city on Oahu. Though we are now located only on Oahu, we can envision eventually having locations on other islands. The Old English spelling of the word “Shoppe” is intentional, as Hawaii was at one time a British colony. History and tradition are important to Home Shoppe Hawaii. 

Despite the importance of tradition, Home Shoppe Hawaii’s philosophy is to innovate when it come to the services offered to its clients. We have one of the most current and effective marketing plans of any company in Hawaii. Learn more about our Oahu real estate marketing here.


The color of the sign had to also be representative of Hawaii. The ocean is one of our favorite parts of the beauty of the islands.  The Home Shoppe Hawaii color is a bluer version of a teal shade, a bit darker than the water near the shore, but striking, in any event. White lettering is for the caps on the waves and the clouds in the sky. Monstera is one of our favorite tropical plants, growing wild in the wetter, more tropical areas of the island, and monstera leaves were incorporated, as well.

The “Home Shoppe Hawaii” brand, with its trademark Blue Pineapple Logo was born in 2008, in Kailua, Hawaii, and we’ve never looked back. We became an official brokerage in 2010.



home shoppe hawaii folders home shoppe hawaii letter press business cards folders and notecards for home shoppe hawaii

Our business cards are printed using traditional letterpress type on extra-heavy stock. Our stationery is also letterpressed. Our folders are on extra-heavy coated stock and the logo is embossed. All of our materials are PMS color-matched for consistency.  Our listing materials for the sale of your fine home are created with the same attention to detail and quality.