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We are fortunate here, on Oahu, to have many beautifully designed and Historically Significant Homes, for sale and otherwise. We hope to show you some of these fine Oahu homes, spotlight Hawaii Architects and Interior Designers, from time-to-time, and keep you abreast of what is happening in Oahu real estate, Kailua Real Estate, Honolulu Real EstateKaneohe Real Estate and Hawaii Kai Real Estate, and North Shore Real Estate, as well as showcasing the Hawaii Lifestyle and some of the fun Activities, Places and Events on Oahu.


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Oahu Real Estate | Most Expensive Luxury Neighborhoods on Oahu - Top 15

The Top 15 most expensive neighborhoods on Oahu, Hawaii for 2017 single-family homes are island-wide, spanning Honolulu, Kailua, and the North Shore. Luxury homes on Oahu can be found mostly around the perimeter of Oahu, where there are beaches. Luxury homes on Oahu can also be found where there are great ocean views or mountain views. There are many luxury homes on Oahu and many expensive neighborhoods on Oahu, because beaches and views are not in short supply here! Some of Hawaii’s best homes are on Oahu, though stunning Hawaii luxury real estate can be found on all of the Hawaiian islands.

Oahu luxury real estate in lanikai

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Oahu Rentals | Tenants want CLEAN Oahu Rental Properties

As an Oahu property manager, I am frequently approached by many prospective tenants who ask if I have any available rental properties on Oahu.  I always ask what type of Oahu rental Clean, freshly painted walls and clean carpet make a great first impression.property they are looking for and where.  No matter the size of the Oahu rental property or where they are looking, the first descriptive word prospective renters use is Clean.  They would like a clean, 3 bedroom home for rent in Kailua.  Or, a clean, 2 bedroom condo for rent in Honolulu  

Unfortunately, “clean,” when describing an Oahu rental property, is a subjective description.  Some think of clean as free from dirt.  Some think of clean as white, and new (or newer).  Some think of clean as a bathroom without a ring in the toilet or mold in the shower.  Most prospective Oahu rental property tenants however, think of clean as all of those things – fresh paint, clean bathrooms, no dirt – and what they see will form their first impression.

My advice to owners that are preparing their Oahu rental property for rent is two fold – first:  clean it – have someone else (a professional) clean it.  If there is mold in the shower, remove it by removing the old caulk, or bleaching the spots you can’t remove.  Re-caulk!  It’s cheap, and you can do it yourself.  If there is a ring in the toilet, get a pumice stone and get it out.  Clean the insides of the drawers and Walls don’t have to be white! Accent colored walls are fantastic way to add color to a room.cabinets, under the refrigerator and stove, and inside the closets!  Clean the windows and the screens – all of them!  Second:  Paint.  Paint is cheap, and while painting is not cheap, it is something most people can do, or can learn to do.  You don’t have to choose the whitest white – in fact I recommend against it.  But fresh paint: the smell, the look, and the feel gives most Oahu rental properties an updated and new feel.  Most importantly – a clean Oahu rental property shows the prospective tenants the owners care about the product they are offering. 

For additional advice on how to prepare your Oahu rental property for rent, contact Home Shoppe Hawaii today!


Kailua Real Estate in Beachside's Lovely Kainalu Park Area

Kailua real estate is still in high demand with low inventory, so it is nice when lovely new homes, like this one in Kailua’s Beachside neighborhood of Kainalu Park, come on the market.

Kainalu Park is a sub neighborhood of Beachside, Kailua. Kainalu Park neighbors have gated beach access to the beautiful, 3 mile stretch of white sand called Kailua Beach. The neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods in Kailua and also, features underground utilities. President Obama has stayed in this area over recent years, as his Winter White house is located in Castle Point, which is accessed through the Kainalu Park area.

 kailua real estate in kainalu parkPhotos Courtesy of HiCentral MLS. Listing courtesy of CB Pacific Properties.


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Kailua Real Estate | Lanikai Neighborhood - 2012 Sold Homes

Lanikai Kailua is a beautiful are with beachside and beachfront homes in Kailua. Lanikai also has many hillside homes with ocean views. Lanikai home sales, in 2012, held strong with a total of 19 transactions, proving Lanikai, though one of the pricier areas of Kailua, is still a popular neighborhood in which to buy.

The average home sale price in Lanikai, Kailua is $1,929,271 and, with these higher priced properties, the average days on market is a little higher too, sitting at 106 (DOM). The Lanikai, Kailua neighborhood had a list to price percentage average of 95%.

lanikai kailua homes Photo Courtesy of HICentral MLS

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Oahu Property Management | Setting Monthly Rent for Oahu Rental Properties Part 4

How to Set the Monthly Rent for your Oahu Rental Property

In our previous posts we discussed the property, researching Oahu rental properties and setting the rent range … and in this post we will focus on what variables we should consider, and importantly learning how we determine if we set the rent right.

After determining what my Oahu rental property has to offer, researching what other properties on the market are offering and asking, and setting the rent range, I take a look at market variables.  Market variables include

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Oahu Property Management | Setting Monthly Rent for Oahu Rental Properties Part 3

How to Set the Monthly Rent for your Oahu Rental Property

In our previous post, we chatted a bit about what criteria to use when viewing your Oahu rental property and other Oahu rental properties.  You should have a pretty good list of the attributes your property offers, and also a list of advantages, or a small list of shortcomings.  We need to find out for how much other Oahu rental properties in your area have rented, and for how much available properties are being offered.

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